Spooky Classroom for Experimental Ethics

Original workshop performance at Flux Factory, October 2016. Full installation at Wassaic Project, October 29, 2016. Upcoming installation at Dark Before Dawn, Ridgewood, NY.

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As satirical Professors of Ethics (Dr. Alyssa Bergstrom and Dr. Alyssa Bindlzorts), we present a Universal Ethical System developed over years of research and experimentation. Experts in our fields of Human and General Ethics, we lead participants through a rigorous and ominous exam in order to pass on the tenets of this ethical system. The questions start off agreeable and innocuous, but soon, the Alyssas”” self-serving bias and manipulative tendencies take over. Participants who select the wrong answer have their answer sheet shredded and are scolded. Part-corporate-intellectuals and part-aspiring-tyrants, the two professors act as thuggish representatives of current cultural figureheads. As such, they thrive on the interchanging of fact and opinion. They achieve their self-serving goals through the popular impact of unrepentant “truthiness”. The performance is tongue-in-cheek and playful, but with an atmosphere of menace.

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